Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Wowee zowee

Well, would you just Adam and Eve it? The reformed Pavement are to curate one of the two ATP festivals next May.

As marvellous as the announcement is, I can't say it came as much of a surprise, to be honest. And I'm not allowing myself to get too excited, either. With two ATPs to look forward to on consecutive weekends in December, plus a Glastonbury ticket successfully (and remarkably easily - well done to the organisers for making the system so efficient this year) procured on Sunday morning and the very real prospect of coinciding a trip to Barcelona with Primavera the same month as Pavement's bash, I've already got several of tomorrow's parties lined up and another one would be a real stretch on the finances.

Instead, I'm holding out hope that Mark Ibold stays behind after playing with Sonic Youth at the My Bloody Valentine ATP and then materialises onstage with Stephen Malkmus at the 10th Anniversary shindig, to be joined by Spiral Stairs, Bob Nastanovich and Steve West. And given it'll be nearly Christmas, they'll all be wearing the Santa outfits from the 'Gold Soundz' video. Ah, it's good to have a dream...

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