Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Feel good hits of the 7th October

1. 'Criminals' - Johnny Foreigner
2. 'Q' - It Hugs Back
3. 'Silverfuck' - Smashing Pumpkins
4. 'Take It Home' - Lightning Dust
5. 'The Escape Artist' - Revere
6. 'The International Tweexcore Underground' - Los Campesinos!
7. 'Nothing To Hide' - Yo La Tengo
8. 'Sticker, Star And Tape' - Sam Isaac
9. 'Feed Me A Box Of Words' - Tubelord
10. 'A Pocket Of Change' - Pope Joan


1. Cracking single, and no mistake. Live review of my new favourite band's Oxford gig to come.

2. Inside Your Guitar sounds better in the wake of having seen them again at Southsea Fest.

3. Blast from the past ahoy! What possessed Siamese Dream to leap off the shelf and hold sway over the stereo all weekend I'm still not quite sure.

5. Gah! Like The Besnard Lakes, only young and British. If only I'd known about them before Southsea Fest...

7. Popular Songs has yet to have the same impact as its predecessor I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass - it doesn't start anywhere near as strikingly, for a start - but my guess is that over time it'll come good.

8. Was Sam Isaac's Bears on the receiving end of the worst (i.e. worst written) review ever to appear on the pages of NME or on its website? Last night Johnny Foreigner claimed their tour had an objective - to urge people up and down the country to encourage Isaac not to give up music. Consider this me lending my support.

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