Wednesday, February 10, 2021

High and dry

Reflecting on the devastating effects that Brexit is set to have on the British music industry, Colin Greenwood has written a personal piece for the Guardian about the formative influence that touring Europe had on Radiohead.

What is clear is that for them (and, I'm sure, many other bands) it was never just about making money - most important were the opportunities to connect with different audiences, immerse themselves in other cultures and forge new friendships. Those opportunities are now set to be denied to young musicians trying to make their way in the world and unable to foot the bill or negotiate the bureaucracy.

His concluding comments are particularly resonant, and deserve to be quoted in full: "My country's music is great because it scorns borders and boundaries; it is a great patriotic source, a force of confidence, joy and shared passions. I am proud of my country and all the music it has exchanged with the world, and I am sure that pride is felt across all ages and cultures in the UK. It is the antithesis of the culturally pinched nationalism that is Brexit, and its diminishment would deprive us all."

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