Friday, September 13, 2019

The wow factor

As if 'All Mirrors' wasn't enough to whet appetites for the record of the same name, Angel Olsen has now dropped an arguably even more compelling track, album opener 'Lark', that sprawls and builds almost imperceptibly to a stunning climax. Watch the video and be awed.

This New York Times feature suggests that both 'All Mirrors' and 'Lark' are genuinely representative of the album on which they appear, one on which Olsen apparently continues her fascinating journey away from her roots: "The introspective songwriting is still there, but this record pairs it with expansive synth and string arrangements - a lush, lavish, overfilled water bed of sound that recalls avant-garde film scores and the eerily lovelorn sound of the singer Scott Walker. Where her earlier records could be strikingly naturalistic, this one is darkly ornate and dreamlike. And if her earlier songs felt like brief, beautiful postcards mailed from achingly precise emotional locations, the ones on this new record have the spacious, ruminative quality of someone gazing out at something vast."

Release day - 4th October - really can't come soon enough round these parts.

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