Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Press gang

The two guests on Episode 28 might be new to Sounding Bored, but they're hardly inexperienced podcasters. Regularly heard on the likes of The Sound Of Football and Whom Pods Destroy, Terry Duffelen and Del Mantle joined host Rob Langham to reflect on the heyday and fall of the mainstream music press, most prominently (of course) the recent demise of the print edition of the NME. Along the way, they touch on personal preferences, political connections and provocative prose, and how, in the internet age, the role of the music magazine as tastemaker has been usurped by algorithms, concluding that there is now no market for a broad-ranging generalist publication.

The episode kicks off with a discussion of Concretism and others who are taking the foreboding retrofuturist analogue synth instrumentals from 1970s public information films for inspiration, and ends with the decidedly lukewarm verdict on American Utopia, the first solo album from ex-Talking Heads man David Byrne since 2004.

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