Thursday, April 19, 2018

Get 'em while they're young

Josh Homme has done the CBeebies Bedtime Story, I spotted a nice Devo reference in an Octonauts book, and now my attention has been drawn to Beat Bugs, a Netflix series whose stories are based around the lyrics of Beatles songs. I've not seen it and don't really care how irritating it might be - anything that introduces pre-school children to the Fab Four is OK in my book.

As Beatles-related projects go, it certainly sounds far, far less awful than the proposed film currently going under the name All You Need Is Love, a "music-themed comedy" written by Richard Curtis and set to star Ed Sheeran. The concept sounds about as appetising as a plateful of cold sick.

Incidentally, it's a shame that the refreshed 50th anniversary version of Yellow Submarine isn't showing anywhere in Cardiff, with the closest screening in Bath.

(Thanks to Owen for the link.)

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