Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rio's legacy RIP (rusts in pieces)

Given all the talk in the immediate aftermath of the 2012 London Olympics of the Games being a triumph and leaving a lasting legacy, it was hugely disappointing that that legacy never materialised, thanks in part to government funding cuts and a lack of available resources needed to sustain the facilities. Even more disappointing (though sadly entirely predictable) is the fact that such talk about the most recent Games, last year's Rio Olympics, is already redundant, as these photos illustrate. As expected, questioning the cost and value of the Games for the Brazilian people has proven to be valid rather than cynical.

You'd hope that the images might help to teach all involved a valuable lesson and underline the importance of careful planning for long-term sustainability as opposed to myopia, excess and greed - but, given that nothing has been learned from past events, I wouldn't hold your breath.

(Thanks to Lyndsey for the link.)

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