Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Objects in the rear view mirror

It's pretty common knowledge that 53 years ago today, on 22nd November 1963, JFK was shot dead in Dallas. It's rather less common knowledge that one of those present at the city's Parkland Hospital in the immediate wake of the assassination - right in the thick of it all - was a 16-year-old Meat Loaf. Here's Martin of Ruth And Martin's Album Club to explain (or at least to set out Meat Loaf's recollection of events as detailed in what sounds like a humdinger of an autobiography).

While we're on the subject of Mr Loaf, you might not know that he nearly died after being struck on the head with a shotput, he's a Hartlepool Utd fan and he was a vegetarian for ten years. Well, you do now.

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