Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Know Your Enemy

"We are a fucked up racist country and stop with ur bullshit 'but whites can be discriminated against too!' ... or 'just because we voted Trump doesn't mean we're racist!' ... oh, honey, your poor white privilege. 'Trump's America' is a continuation of white supremacy. I CANNOT deal with whites that feel 'marginalized'. This country is built on blood, and all y'all 'make America great again' idiots are literally  harkening back to a fictional idea of the past. White supremacy still lives, but ur attempt to make it 'great again' is a huge step back on progress. It's a fantasy for white people that never existed and for everyone else was a collective nightmare."

Musically, Grizzly Bear are the epitome of restraint - always refined and mild-mannered, perhaps even to a fault. So it came as something of a surprise to read frontman Ed Droste's stinging attack on those who voted for his country's new president and those who unthinkingly celebrate Thanksgiving - an attack that he posted both on his own personal Instagram and also on the band's Facebook page.

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