Monday, July 31, 2006

Feel good hits of the 31st July

Another bumper edition, following a weekend of sifting through some of the many CDs that seem to have accumulated on top of my hi-fi over the last few months...

1. 'My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion' - The Flaming Lips
2. 'Weekend Without Makeup' - The Long Blondes
3. 'Spider Bite' - Winnebago Deal
4. 'This Scene Is Dead' - We Are Scientists
5. 'Hoodwink' - Anathallo
6. 'Made Up Lovesong #43' - Guillemots
7. 'It's The End Of The World As We Know It' - REM
8. 'Audition' - Yourcodenameis:milo
9. 'Milano' - Sigur Ros
10. 'Son Of A Gun' - The Vaselines
11. 'Dress' - PJ Harvey
12. 'A Warm Room' - Envy
13. 'Valerie' - The Zutons
14. '1000 Seconds' - Secret Machines
15. 'On The Radio' - The Concretes

Not very good that it's taken Victoria Bergsman's departure to prompt me into giving the Concretes album a proper listen, is it? Glad I have now, though - and also glad I didn't give up on the Guillemots single after only a couple of spins.

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