Sunday, July 30, 2006


And what a fine record that is - one of the very few 7"s I own.

Anyway, issue #19 of Vanity Project is out now, featuring all manner of goodness (and a few reviews from yours truly). Inside this issue of the fanzine, you'll find (amongst other things):

Interviews: The Gasman, Zukanican

Album reviews: Scott Walker, Sebadoh, Mclusky, Robots In Disguise, TV Smith, Bardo Pond, Hefner, Boy Kill Boy, The Divine Comedy, Bearsuit, Magoo, Tender Trap, The Gasman

Single reviews: Ralfe Band, King Biscuit Time

Live reviews: Buck 65, Daniel Johnston, Robots In Disguise

Film reviews: 'The Devil And Daniel Johnston'

If you want to get yourself a copy free of charge - and let's face it, you do - take a trip to the Vanity Project website for details.

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