Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Quote of the day

"When the English national football team wins, it is a victory for England; when Tim Henman wins, it is a triumph for Middle England, that place of well-tended lawns and solid Home Counties values."

Which says it all, really - though it's also worth pointing out that he's only interested in winning for himself, he doesn't give a shit about England because that's not who he's representing. So, The Independent's Terence Blacker is not a Henmaniac. Neither, you may have guessed, am I. Neither are the majority of English people, though you wouldn't realise it if you believed all you read and heard in the national media. Henman is a whingeing little mummy's boy who believes women tennis players should be paid less than men and who frequently takes out his frustrations on ballboys rather than picking on someone his own size who'd give him the bloodied nose he deserves. I for one would love to see him knocked out in the quarter-finals, thus pissing on the chips of all those Surrey-dwelling Union-Jack-bunting-draped morons who claim to be tennis fans for two weeks a year.

(Thanks to Inspector Sands for the link.)

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