Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Quote of the day

"The best co-commentator by far is Bobby Robson. His knowledge and enthusiasm are a delight to listen to, even when he is doing little more than counting passes and demanding 'now who wants it'? His streams of consciousness have the added and significant advantage of keeping the extremely irritating and jingoistic Clive Tyldesely quiet.

If Robson encourages his Newcastle team to play as he suggests England should, Newcastle fans are extremely lucky. He clearly thinks there is more to be gained by taking the game to the opposition and making something happen rather than sticking rigidly to a game plan and waiting for the opposition to make a mistake. His frustration at the inability of England's full backs to get forward in the France game was refreshing to hear.

Pete on our very own Sir Bobby. However, call me cynical, but personally I suspect we generally don't have much of a game plan to which we could stick rigidly to, and even if we did, the likes of Robert and Viana would always likely to do their own thing anyway. Sometimes, the merest semblance of a defensive game plan might be useful though...

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