Friday, June 04, 2004


Potentially a new regular feature on SWSL, but nothing more grand than a collection of links...

Stephen Merchant of 'The Office' on the legacy of the Marx Brothers: "Born of the Great Depression, the brothers were unhinged maniacs with no roots, no ties, no responsibilities, fighting back on behalf of the disenfranchised little man. ... When MGM vice-president Irving Thalberg kept the Marxes waiting once too often, he returned to his office to find them stark naked, roasting potatoes over an open fire."

Johnny Marr talks about his love for Keith Richards, Bert Jansch, T-Rex and a whole host of psychedelic folk bands. Nice to see another former member of The Smiths make an appearance in the media, for a change...

Clem Bastow's Top 10 Songs I Hate Off Albums I Love, which includes Led Zeppelin's 'D'yer Maker' (Houses Of The Holy), The Beatles' 'Her Majesty' (Abbey Road) and Fleetwood Mac's 'Oh Daddy' (Rumours). Off the top of my head, I'd say 'Well, It's True That We Love One Another' from the last White Stripes album (utter shite) and the Peter Buck collaboration 'Estate Sale' on the Eels LP Daisies Of The Galaxy (completely pointless).

Ian Mathers on Mogwai's 'R U Still In 2 It?': "This song, and the way Aidan won’t meet your eyes, and Stuart’s whisper, and that damned inflexible progression of notes, over and over, they all mean the same thing, less mutable than death or taxes (because they can both be cheated), the one dead certainty the lyrics end on: 'I will leave you and I will miss you'." Awful title, brilliant song - that's Mogwai in a nutshell, really.

... And finally: heavy metal belly dancing.

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