Friday, June 04, 2004


Congratulations to BykerSink, who's off to 'Nam with the VSO; to Anna, who's had a short piece published in the Guardian; and to Largehearted Boy on being named daily Top Blog in the same paper.

Meanwhile: Lord Marmite of Amblongus has been on a road trip travelling about the southern states of the US on parts of what used to be Route 66; Graham of Wisdom Goof is fighting against the forces of old gimmerdom by loudly pronouncing his love of Mclusky and The Fiery Furnaces, whilst also admitting a new-found fondness for stoner rock; and He Who Cannot Be Named tries to wow his readers with tales of close encounters with members of Keane and The Ordinary Boys - less like rubbing shoulders with fame than sniffing the gusset of fame's discarded underpants.

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