Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quote of the day

"The way I started was I took the legs off a Farfisa organ and I put it on the floor. I sat cross-legged and tried to make art music. I was writing songs about prescient mice!"

Iggy Pop's musical career didn't exactly get off to the best start, it seems - at least, according to the transcript of his chat with Josh Homme for the Guardian to mark the release of their collaborative record Post Pop Depression.

Thankfully, things soon changed: "By the time I first went out as a vocalist I was wearing a fright wig and a maternity dress and operating instruments I'd made myself from junkyard things. Anything to make it different. The guys in the group were going: 'Can't we just be the Rolling Stones?' I wanted to transcend." And transcend you did, Iggy.

A propos of nothing other than nostalgia, I found myself watching footage of the Stooges' set at Glastonbury 2007 the other day. You can't help but marvel at the energy of the man Mark Riley introduces as a "leathery exhibitionist pensioner" - and who even now, at 68, continues to operate as a creative force.

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