Saturday, June 20, 2015

Having fun with Joy Division

As good as they are, Joy Division don't exactly make for a joyful listening experience - which must be why it seems so tempting to have fun with them.

Take Jah Division, for instance - a dub Joy Division covers band, in case you hadn't already guessed. Including brilliant Oneida and Ex Models drummer Kid Millions among their number, they released one EP more than ten years ago and still reunite for a live performance about once a year. The concept isn't as odd as it might seem, given Ian Curtis' love of reggae and the way that other post-punk outfits flirted heavily with dub.

And then there's this: 'Atmosphere', with the famous video Anton Corbijn shot for its re-release in 1988 replaced with black and white footage of the Teletubbies arsing around...

(Thanks to Dave and Owen for the links.)

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