Monday, June 22, 2015

Feel good hits of the 22nd June

1. 'Kids In Heat' - Hannah Lou Clark
Gorgeously simple, classic-sounding single from the recent support to The Thurston Moore Band. It's like the best song not to make it onto Howling Bells' stellar debut album.

2. 'Meantime' - The Futureheads
To think, I'd forgotten how brilliant the first Futureheads album is. The shame.

3. 'Blue Line Swinger' - Yo La Tengo
While their covers are almost uniformly brilliant, Yo La Tengo's own material is hardly below par. If I remember correctly, 'Blue Line Swinger' is the song loudly requested by Tom Bromley of Los Campesinos! when the Americans appeared at the Point in Cardiff in 2006 - a request that was knocked back by a bemused Ira Kaplan because they'd just played another freeform, feedback-strewn heavy-hitter from their back catalogue, 'I Heard You Looking'.

4. 'Miniskirt' - Braids
The quite extraordinary lead single from Braids' third record Deep In The Iris - a startlingly direct feminist polemic about sexual objectification set to a synth-heavy reinterpretation of a Kid A track. I'd never heard them before, but they've certainly got my attention now.

5. 'Why Won't You Talk About It?' - The Radio Dept
As serendipitously selected from the shelves by Stanley. I never followed up this EP by buying the album (Lesser Matters) - no idea why, given that The Jesus & Mary Chain meets electro/indiepop is a great concept.

6. 'Clear Signal From Cairo' - The Fiery Furnaces
We've managed to put a man on the moon, we've mapped all the genes of the human genome, we're making extraordinary discoveries in particle physics with the aid of the Large Hadron Collider - and yet still the structural logic and lyrical meaning of Fiery Furnaces songs remain a complete mystery. No matter - 'Clear Signal From Cairo' is superb, the best track on 2007's Widow City.

7. 'Land Disasters' - Blanck Mass
Upon hearing that there's a new Blanck Mass album out (Dumb Flesh), my first reaction wasn't to buy it instantly but to revisit the first one. Compared to much of the rest of the record, 'Land Disasters' is very full-on, probably closer to Fuck Buttons than anything else.

8. 'Przebudzenie Boga Wschodu' - Stara Rzeka
Polish folk/drone/death metal. Oh yes. Quite a recommendation from John Doran of The Quietus (via my friend Dan).

9. 'Stop Your Tears' - Aldous Harding
Another recommendation, this time from Nightshift editor Ronan. It might take me a little while to get used to her voice, but the feel is much the same as Marissa Nadler, whom I love.

10. 'Amateur Rappers' - The Burning Hell
And finally, for some light relief after those last three, here's some playful indie japes courtesy of Canadians The Burning Hell, as endorsed by Marc Riley on 6 Music.

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