Monday, September 24, 2012

Walk the line

The London Perambulator: strongly recommended for anyone with an interest in milder forms of urban exploration, liminal spaces and psychogeography (or what the perambulator himself, Nick Papadimitriou, prefers to term "deep topography"). The documentary is also fascinating for the input of Will Self and Iain Sinclair, both admirers of Papadimitriou's research - indeed, Self (typically wordy and interviewed by request, you'd imagine, in front of his Post-It-note-covered wall) even used some of it when writing The Book Of Dave. Sinclair, meanwhile, freely admits that writers are by their very nature "predatory", seizing upon anything and anyone that can be worked into the fiction - but suggests that Papadimitriou is just too much of a character to be usable.

(Thanks to Jez for the link.)

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