Monday, April 19, 2021

Silent discos

Personally speaking, it's painful to even contemplate the music venues I love sitting empty and quiet rather than packed and reverberating with noise. But photographer Marie Staggat was fascinated (if also appalled) by the thought, to the extent that she ventured into more than 40 Berlin clubs to capture them "with their lights off, revealing forlorn spaces, cloaked in shadows and a heavy, profound silence".

The pictures have been published in a book called Hush: Berlin Club Culture In A Time Of Silence, with text contributed by writer Timo Stein, who spoke to those who work at the venues about how the shutdown has impacted their lives. The publication will hopefully draw attention to the plight of the cultural sector, and proceeds will be donated to help those affected to navigate this extremely difficult period - so at least some good will come of a project that is in many ways deeply depressing.

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