Thursday, January 07, 2021

(We don't need this) fascist groove thang

If a world going up in flames in so many different ways is giving us anything, it's confirmation that a number of musicians really are the awful people many of us have long suspected them of being.

The pandemic has seen cantankerous, boorish interviewee Van Morrison taking aim at scientists in a trio of anti-lockdown songs and teaming up with legendary racist Eric Clapton for another, while Ian Brown's conspiracy theorist jibberings on Twitter have suggested he's swapped his bucket hat for a tinfoil one.

And now it's Ariel Pink's turn to out himself as a prick - or at least do so more visibly than ever before. The enormously overrated yacht rocker was present for yesterday's extraordinary storming of the Capitol, though has since claimed he was only there to show support for Trump "peacefully".

As the NME have reported, though, Pink has form for self-consciously provocative and contrarian statements, and continuing his public endorsement of the tango fascist is just another example. It's more than six years since he insisted to the Guardian's Rhik Samadder "I'm not that guy everyone hates", but he's still doing a terrible job of proving it.

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