Thursday, January 21, 2021

"The new dawn blooms"

While politics (and life in general) at home may continue to be a total shitshow courtesy of the relentlessly incompetent, self-serving Tories, there is at least better news across the pond, with the Tango Toddler and his cronies evicted from the White House and someone unsympathetic to Nazis and capable of composing a coherent sentence moving in.

As suggested by 'The Hill We Climb', the extraordinary poem that Amanda Gorman performed at the inauguration ceremony, America seems like a nation groggily waking up from a four-year-long nightmare. Joe Biden has wasted no time whatsoever in getting down to the challenging business of undoing the damage that Trump caused, and no doubt there will be difficult days and weeks ahead - but at long last it feels as though there's reason to be hopeful.

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