Thursday, December 31, 2020

That was the year that was

If you can bear to revisit the global news stories of the last 12 months rather than simply banishing all thought of them, then there are some powerful and extraordinary images in this BBC selection showcasing the work of news agency photographers.

Who, at the turn of the year, could have foreseen that people would soon be embracing loved ones while separated by a plastic sheet, or that a metro train would be prevented from plunging of a raised platform by a sculpture of a whale's tail?

Of all of the pictures in the selection, my favourite is of a man diving off Stari Most into the River Neretva in Mostar as part of an annual competition. Photographer Damir Sagolj's timing is absolutely perfect, making it look as though the competitor has achieved the impossible and taken flight, soaring horizontally high above the heads of the spectators, rather than about to plummet down to the water below.

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