Tuesday, March 24, 2020

"I like to think we do some good"

Live, in-the-flesh gigs fast feel like they're becoming a thing of the distant past, and after bunging the Moon's fundraiser some cash this evening I don't really want to think too much about the untold damage that coronavirus will be doing to an already fragile ecosystem. So instead let's celebrate what grassroots venues can be and can mean to individuals and the communities of which they're a part - the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds being a prime example.

I've never been before but Dave Simpson's profile of the place, published in the Guardian last month, only makes me more desperate to visit. Not only does it put on great gigs with stupendous consistency, it's also evidently beloved by those who work there and frequent its bars. You have to admire Nathan Clark's commitment to the cause - and to his father's legacy.

Oh to have been at that Monotonix gig...

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