Sunday, January 05, 2020

A year to remember

The London Street Photography Festival asked five street photographers to pick the ten most memorable images they'd seen in 2019. The selected photos, taken all around the world, are indeed largely excellent, often because of their creators' sense of timing and appreciation of serendipitous aesthetics - take, respectively, Andreas Katsakos' picture of a young girl apparently levitating down the street and KinWing Edas Wong's photo of a building seemingly vapourising into cloud.

Some images have a hint of the comical (such as that of sea-bathers shot by Yiannis Yiasaris), but others are dark and unsettling - none more so than Sakis Dazanis' photo of a small unsmiling boy staring straight down the lens as he is led by a shadowy figure past a drab caravan, with the glittering lights of a fair in the background.

(Thanks to Robin for the link.)

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