Thursday, November 21, 2019

Know Your Enemy

"We were also listening to Yeezus by Kanye West a lot at the time, strangely enough... This sordid, hyper-narcissistic content I found to be more interesting than this flag-waving, faux-left, political nonsense that most of these so-called exciting, up-and-coming guitar bands have been putting out these days."

I've noted before that Fat White Family can always be relied upon to give good interview, and they've done so again in conversation with new Buzz editor Sam Pryce, Lias Saoudi here taking another thinly veiled swipe at Idles.

The comments appear in Pryce's preview of the band's Tramshed gig next Wednesday. It's one I'm going to have to sit out, unfortunately - something made all the worse by the fact that hot tips Working Men's Club will be in support.

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