Sunday, October 06, 2019

"They're just pop songs"

It was a long time coming, but Mclusky - or should I say Mclusky* - finally announced a Cardiff date this week: Friday 20th December. When that sold out within four hours, they promptly announced another show taking place the night before. I managed to bag a ticket for the Friday night and can't wait to hear Andy Falkous singing things like "All of your friends are cunts / Your mother is a ballpoint pen thief" in the flesh.

The fact that Falkous has been interviewed for a Quietus feature is appropriate given that, as he admits, the site's co-founder John Doran played a big part in the renewed "Mclusky-based activities" with his "Poundland Shellac" jibe. Over the course of his chat with JR Moores, Falkous talks about the circumstances that led to Jon Chapple's departure, The 1975 sounding "like Living In A Box", the merits of Angry Arousal as a potential album name, and how, in comparison to all of the other acts handpicked to play Shellac's ATP in 2012, Future Of The Left were "basically ABBA". Hint: when he says "I'm out of opinions", don't worry - he's certainly not.

Steve Albini's Waitrose Mclusky, meanwhile, will be playing their own Cardiff show in December, on the 14th at Plas. It's shaping up to be quite a month.

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