Monday, September 09, 2019

British politics: seriously, WTF?

I've been fighting the urge to post much about Brexit, as that way madness lies - but sometimes you do just have to pause, reflect and try not to let your jaw scrape on the floor. Here are three of the most recent developments (all handily contained within this BBC News article):

1. In order to achieve parliamentary sovereignty and freedom from being dictated to by unelected officials, our unelected Prime Minister is riding roughshod over elected MPs by ignoring the fact that he's continually lost parliamentary votes and closing everything down to prevent debate.

2. The leader of the opposition felt the need to table a motion "demanding the government abide by the rule of law". The motion was approved without a formal vote, but the government has refused to give any assurances that it will do so.

3. The government are seriously considering simultaneously sending an application for an extension to the deadline and a letter stating that they don't want one.

Who's scripting this?!

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