Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Get Messy

Writing about Hammered Hulls the other day sent me down a YouTube rabbit hole leading - inevitably - to lots of Fugazi content. Anyone still holding out hope for a reunion should give up - the quartet would never consent to anything that might be mistaken for a cynical cash-in. But if you're hankering for that Joe Lally/Brendan Canty rhythm section, you really need to give The Messthetics a try.

The trio - signed to Dischord, of course - are completed by guitar virtuoso Anthony Pirog. His electrifying, freewheeling playing on 'Better Wings', the first taster of new album Anthropocosmic Nest (out on 6th September), is remarkable - it must be, to steal focus and attention away from whatever Lally and Canty are doing.

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