Monday, July 15, 2019

Quote of the day

"She hadn't arrived at the venue yet, so I snuck into her dressing room and began to extract blood out of my arm. With the syringe, you can aim it and basically paint with it. You can write words, and it was a technique that I had perfected over the years. There was no innuendo or poetry in the message I wrote her. It just read, 'Dear Fiona, I hope you have a great time tonight. Love Dave.' That was it. It wasn't too over the top. In my coke-addled brain, it was a very subtle, kind, romantic gesture. I saw us riding off into the sunset, with this gesture being the basis for our romance. As it turned out, the management and staff at the Universal Amphitheater didn't see it the way I saw it."

Dave Navarro of Jane's Addiction on how an attempt to act on his crush on Fiona Apple backfired. Of all the tales included in Drew Fortune's book No Encore!, this must surely be among the craziest.

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