Monday, June 24, 2019

Support act

When Nick Cave's In Conversation tour came to Cardiff on 15th June, I wasn't there, having been too slow off the mark to grab one of the cheaper tickets and reluctantly deciding that £75 was too steep a price to pay for an intimate audience with the great man. Needless to say, it's a decision I now very much regret, having heard so many effusive comments about both that gig and others on the tour.

Of the many pieces I've tortured myself by reading, this one is the absolute best. Reporting on the Manchester show, Daniel Dylan Wray explains how the format feels like Cave giving something back to his fans after the support he received in the wake of his son Arthur's death in 2015. It's all the more remarkable because of the often violent antagonism between artist and audience back in Cave's Birthday Party days, with Wray recounting some eyebrow-raising incidents.

If I had gone to the Wales Millennium Centre show, incidentally, it would have been a neat coincidence that my previous visit had also been to see Cave's songs performed - though in that instance by Camille O'Sullivan as part of last year's Festival Of Voice.

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