Tuesday, June 18, 2019

"Intricate brilliance"

Secret Name might not be my favourite Low record (that would be The Great Destroyer), but it was the first I heard (courtesy of a good friend) and so for that reason holds a very special place in my heart. It turns out that musician/producer James Chapman aka Maps has a very similar relationship with it. In a piece for Talkhouse, he explains what makes the album so special from a personal perspective, singling out all of the best songs.

'Will The Night' is "simply perfect"? Yes. 'Don't Understand' "shows how dark this band can get"? Absolutely - and foreshadows what was to come, particularly on 2003's Trust. His description of 'Starfire', meanwhile, might just as well apply to all of Low's releases: "The power of this music is in the spaces between the notes, the sparse instrumentation, but also the indescribable beauty of the melodies and harmonies that Alan and Mimi sing together."

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