Saturday, April 13, 2019

Quote of the day

"We want to become the first city in the UK to incorporate music into its city structure, from planning and licensing to social wellbeing and tourism. Through this we will create vibrant, exciting communities, build our international profile and increase the social and economic value of music in our city. This is a UK first and we believe the results of such an approach will be transformational for Cardiff. It will recognise and support the role that music can play in all aspects of our lives and it fist into our wider ambitions to expand our city's creative and digital sectors."

Cardiff Council leader Huw Thomas, speaking on the day that music consultancy Sound Diplomacy published their in-depth report into Cardiff, which has taken a year to compile and sets out a whole raft of recommendations including applying the "agent of change" principle consistently.

Thomas' comments will be music to the ears of those involved in the industry/scene here. However, actually implementing the report's recommendations won't be easy - partly because some of them are rather vague ("Expand music activities in Cardiff", for instance) but largely because significant resources will be needed. At a time when local authorities are under acute financial pressure due to cuts, the strength of the Council's ostensibly firm commitment to the cause will undoubtedly be put to the test.

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