Sunday, February 03, 2019

Flaming good

Today we finally paid our long-overdue and eagerly anticipated first visit to Hang Fire - named the best restaurant in the UK last year by the Observer, dontchaknow? - and it's safe to say that it didn't disappoint.

Admittedly we weren't in a position to verify the authenticity (whatever that might mean) of our shared starter - shrimp 'n' grits with a generous sprinkle of spring onions and dousing of bacon-infused sauce - but we were certainly very glad to have sampled something that you probably can't find anywhere else in South Wales.

My mains - cooked-for-aeons pulled pork in barbecue sauce and Texas sausage, the latter of which had a belated kick - couldn't be faulted (even if it would have been nice to have had one of the demi-brioche buns from Pettigrew to stuff with the pork). However, pick of the bunch were Jen's ribs, encrusted in a delicious rub and falling off the bone rather than teeth-entanglingly stringy.

Throw in a good-value kids' cheeseburger meal, tasty slaw and skin-on fries, and a superb palate-cleansing slice of lemon tart to finish, the top carefully burnt to a caramelised crisp, and you had a fantastic meal perfect for a special occasion.

We'll be back...

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