Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Come together

Whatever the fate of Gwdihw and Guildford Crescent, people certainly aren't taking the proposed demolition lying down.

First there was the petition and Jo Stevens raising the issue in the House of Commons. Now it's been announced that there'll be a march from Womanby Street - whose venues were successfully protected by a similar grassroots campaign in 2017 - to Guildford Crescent next Saturday (19th) at 2pm, culminating in a gig to be headlined by Gruff Rhys. I for one am hoping to be there to show my support.

If it does come to the worst, though, and the buildings are razed, the Gwdihw team have revealed that they're looking into alternative premises and the possibility of making the venture community owned. Their source of inspiration is Le Public Space in Newport, the phoenix born out of the ashes of Le Pub. It seems to be working for them, and the Moon on Womanby Street has become into a community-centred hub, so realising that ambition certainly isn't unfeasible.

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