Friday, July 27, 2018

Split decisions

It gave me great pleasure to learn that Kim Gordon is a big fan of Angel Olsen - though, in truth, everyone should be. Asked by Rolling Stone to choose her five favourite break-up songs, she picked Olsen's 'Unfucktheworld' from Burn Your Fire For No Witness, as well as an Eleanor Friedberger track I hadn't heard before ('Roosevelt Island') and one of PJ Harvey's less celebrated singles ('Shame', from Uh Huh Her, which might not be among many people's favourite Peej LPs but is certainly one of Gordon's).

The prompt for the Rolling Stone feature was the fact that Body/Head, Gordon's collaborative noise project with Bill Nace, have a new record out (The Switch), which is made to sound amazing by this review. Having listened to 'You Don't Need', I'm not at all sure I'm on board with it - but perhaps it's a grower (as well as a growler).

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