Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Punk rock perfection

It was inevitable that reading and subsequently writing a review of Carrie Brownstein's beautifully written memoir would lead me to revisit Sleater-Kinney's back catalogue. Helpfully, in 2015 Spin marked the release of comeback LP No Cities To Love by ranking every single one of their 109 songs.

Working my way through just a portion of the list, three things soon became apparent - or, rather, more apparent than they already were:

1. I absolutely love 'You're No Rock 'N' Roll Fun' - a perfect pop song that would be my #1. I've got a copy of the limited edition CD single squirrelled away somewhere.

2. They're utterly fantastic, to the extent that everyone from Greil Marcus to Rolling Stone to Noisey branding them the best (punk) band in the world started to seem less like hyperbole and more like simple truth.

3. I don't own enough of their back catalogue. Their final pre-hiatus LP The Woods, in particular, needs to be bought urgently.

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