Thursday, May 17, 2018

"Unthinkable and unacceptable"

The author of the post-Grenfell Tower review of building regulations, Dame Judith Hackett, feels that a ban on using combustible materials would "not address the root causes" of the problems. That might well be true, and it's good to see that the review identifies the need for significant change within the industry to avoid the current "race-to-the-bottom" culture. But that's no reason whatsoever not to introduce a ban.

In the words of Labour MP David Lammy: "It is unthinkable and unacceptable that so many people can die in a disaster like Grenfell and one year on flammable cladding has not been banned. I simply fail to see how it is deemed appropriate for any combustible material to be used on any tower block in this country."

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