Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Sound city

More good news in Cardiff's fightback against the forces that would have it fall into silence: today it's officially declared a Music City, the first in the UK. Sound Diplomacy are going to be working with Cardiff Council and stakeholders of all kinds, from bands to planners, "to develop policies that treat music as infrastructure and deliver a healthy music ecosystem, which will create vibrant communities, build an international profile and increase the value of music in the city".

It's heartening to hear music treated so seriously, and such a difference from the doom and gloom of the early months of the year, when so many venues were closing or under threat that the scene was in danger of being snuffed out. The announcement is once again testimony to the hard work of those behind the Save Womanby Street campaign, as well as those who have picked up and championed at the level of local and national government.

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