Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Radio gaga

How long, wonders the Guardian's Stuart Heritage, before Johnny Marr extends his ban on people who are allowed to like The Smiths (currently just David Cameron) to Morrissey? And with some justification. His article was prompted by the latest in a long line of exceedingly dubious pronouncements from Marr's former partner in crime: using the platform handed to him by BBC 6 Music to promote his new LP with a live set as an opportunity to declare that the recent UKIP leadership election was rigged against far-right candidate Anne Marie Waters.

The claim was met with stony silence during the recording and has since been condemned by those of us with half a brain and sense of decency (though we've had to stifle our yawns first). Predictably, though, if utterly incomprehensibly, Moz still has his acolytes and apologists, who have been quick to argue that their hero isn't racist and that he's only being painted as such by the media, who are willfully distorting the truth. I'm sorry, but he's looked, walked and quacked like a duck for some years now, so it's beyond reasonable doubt that he's a duck. Case closed.

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