Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Metal machine music

The March issue of Buzz is out now, featuring (among many other things) my review of the distinctly underwhelming new Wire LP Silver/Lead. I'm loath to suggest it, but perhaps their quality control can be questioned. While it's admirable that they continue to be so prolific 40 years on from the release of their seminal debut Pink Flag, maybe they should take a bit more time between records in future?

Also included in the Buzz reviews section are verdicts on albums by Depeche Mode, Dirty Projectors, The Residents, Bardo Pond, Adult., Craig Finn (The Hold Steady), Laura Marling and Spoon.

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skif said...

I have now listened to a stream of Silver/Lead. I hoped you were wrong but no - after a great run of albums - last four if you include Koreans are really good if you ask me - this is indeed rather dull. I like one track near the end. Still -saves me some money - will just download that one.