Friday, March 03, 2017

"Life isn't always a groove!"

Raymond Pettibon is most widely known as the creator of the Black Flag logo (as well as much of their cover art) and the iconic illustration that adorns Sonic Youth's major label debut, Goo. But back in the 1980s he was the prolific force behind a whole host of black-and-white zines published by SST (the label run by his brother, Black Flag's Greg Ginn), churning out weird, grotesque images that were made even more unsettling by the accompanying text.

Sales were poor, though, and Pettibon apparently destroyed many of the unsold copies. He and his reputation have come a long way since then, though, given that he's now got a major exhibition at the New Museum in New York. A Pen Of All Work showcases his zines and his punk cover art, but also some of his less deliberately antagonistic material.

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