Thursday, February 09, 2017

Mark: my words

For my first gig back in Cardiff after a decade away, I could certainly have done a lot worse than Bo Ningen supporting The Fall on Friday. It nearly didn't happen, though - a guest-list mix-up resulting in me having to use Buzz listings editor Noel Gardner's name like a magic password. My review of a tremendous evening in the company of the incomparable Mark E Smith and the Japanese loons is up online now.

It was also my first visit to Tramshed. On first impressions, it's a very welcome recent addition to the city's range of venues, bridging the gap between the likes of Clwb and the CIA (and so attracting bands and artists who would otherwise have had to play at the university or simply bypassed Cardiff altogether), while the range and quality of drinks on offer makes it a vast improvement on the Academy in Oxford. In fact, my only reservation would be the fact that before and between the acts we were repeatedly subjected to tracks from The Wonder Stuff's best of...

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skif said...

Yeah, that all sounds about right. Very evocative concerning how MES looks and sounds these days.

The Curly-Wurly bit, for sure- although slagging off Pierce Brosnan for prescribing bed-wet pills is the even more baffling bit in that tune (Dedication Not Medication)

Rumours on the Fall forum suggest that although the marriage was over she wanted to stay in the band, but MES dinged her out. Usually people do walk out on MES, but seems like this was a forcible moving on.