Monday, February 06, 2017

A life less ordinary

Having roadied for John Cage, had a song poached by Elton John, put Nick Drake up for the night, played with a pre-Spiders From Mars Mick Ronson, performed a gig with John Fahey and a drunk bear, and inspired the likes of Sonic Youth and Pelt, you'd imagine that guitarist Michael Chapman might be rather better known. On the occasion of the release of his new album 50, he's been telling the Guardian's Andrew Male about his extraordinary life in music.

Meanwhile, Thurston Moore - who told Chapman in 1998 that his album Millstone Grit, and the extensive use of feedback on it in particular, was crucial to the formation of Sonic Youth and the establishment of their aesthetic - has been speaking to the Quietus' Brian Coney about his plans for 2017 (including a new LP from The Thurston Moore Group, Rock 'N' Roll Consciousness - hurrah!), his foray into teaching, a new book charting the extensive body of work he's produced or collaborated on outside Sonic Youth, and (inevitably) Donald Trump and how to respond to his election.

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