Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Quote of the day

"We were not told Brexit would mean tearing up worker, environmental and consumer protections. On the contrary, the vote was meant to be a chance for the 'left behind' to 'take back control' of their lives. [Philip] Hammond is now saying, or at least threatening, that control will pass to employers who can break free of 'European-style' restrictions on how they treat their workforce and corporations who can break free of safety and environmental standards and see their tax bills slashed. In the name of taking back control, ordinary people will lose what protections they have, and see the corporate tax take for public services fall."

Nick Cohen on the uncomfortable truth about the Leave vote. So much for power to the people, eh? As Cohen points out, this situation is made even more farcical (and dangerous) because those who engineered Brexit have now slunk off back into the shadows, shirking any responsibility or accountability, leaving Hammond and Theresa May - both of whom supported the Remain campaign - to hammer out the details.

(Thanks to Adam for the link.)

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