Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lights shows

Is Interpol's Turn On The Bright Lights really 15 years old? Gulp. I guess it is. And now they've chosen to mark the anniversary by playing the album in its entirety on a UK and European tour later this year.

Will I be going to either the London or Manchester dates, though? No. Don't get me wrong - there's no denying that their debut was and remains a phenomenal and hugely influential record, regardless of the fact that they've rather disappeared from my radar over the last decade. But - unlike other such gigs commemorating specific albums which I've felt I simply had to attend, having missed out first time around (see: Sonic Youth doing Daydream Nation and, more recently, Manic Street Preachers doing The Holy Bible) - I was actually there to enjoy the band's best LP in person. And on more than one occasion, too: most notably at Glastonbury 2003, when 'NYC' soundtracked an extraordinary litter tornado.

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