Thursday, December 15, 2016

Silence please

Oh dear - poor old Donald Trump. First, musicians took exception to his use of their songs in his presidential campaign. Then others responded to his candidacy by releasing blunt protest songs. And now, after an electoral victory that still seems like a nightmare, he can't seem to find anyone in the world of music to play his inauguration - to the extent that he might end up having to pay someone to show up.

Three suggestions for you, Donald:

1. Vince Neil. The former Motley Crue man had no scruples whatsoever about signing up to appear at the inauguration whoever won, but now seems to have been dumped.

2. Kanye West, who followed up his avowed pre-election support for Trump (though he didn't actually bother, y'know, voting and all that rigmarole) by going to Trump Tower recently for an audience with the president-elect. You'd imagine there'd be some mutual admiration there, given that they're two of the most pompous, delusional, megalomaniacal bullshit-spouters you'll ever come across.

3. Azealia Banks. Possibly too risky a choice, though, given that when she opens her mouth or writes online her pronouncements are frequently even more idiotic than Trump's. That's quite a feat.

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