Tuesday, December 20, 2016

"Sheer nastiness"

You have to hand it to Nigel Farage. Every time you think he couldn't possibly get any more odious, he somehow finds a way of doing so. Most recently, he's achieved that increasingly challenging feat by claiming Brendan Cox, widow of murdered MP Jo Cox, is a supporter of extremism, in the wake of the Berlin lorry attack. Quite staggering.

Hope Not Hate, the organisation that Cox supports and that Farage accused of pursuing "violent and undemocratic means", have responded to say that they're consulting their lawyers. If legal action and/or a public retraction is forthcoming, here's hoping it gets as much attention as the initial claim - and certainly as much as the grovelling public apology from Katie Hopkins and the Daily Mail for falsely accusing a British Muslim family of having extremist links.

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