Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Apocalypse now, please

Forget Donald Trump, Brexit and the new-shape Toblerones for a minute. Perhaps the most obvious sign that we're all doomed is the fact that we live in a world in which ATP - organisers of some of the best, most varied and most mind-expanding festival bills around - can suffer a messy demise and yet the site of numerous marvellous ATP events, Butlins in Minehead, continues to play host to packed bashes like the Shiiine On Weekender, starring such musical luminaries as the Bluetones, Shed Seven, Dodgy, The Wonder Stuff, EMF, Jesus Jones, Echobelly, The Farm, Republica, a Stone Roses tribute band and even fucking Mike Flowers.

Former Melody Maker writer Mark Beaumont - a Britpop relic himself - was drawn to this month's weekender like a fly to shit and has written an enthusiastic piece for the Guardian about a festival that really does sound like my idea of absolute hell.

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