Thursday, October 20, 2016

Know Your Enemy

"It says, 'Don't bother your heads with what's going on now, just wallow in fake nostalgia'. It's bad history, bad drama. It puts your brain to sleep. It's the opposite of what a good broadcaster should do, which is stimulate and invigorate. You might as well take a Mogadon as watch it. TV drama is like the picture on the Quality Street tin, but with less quality and nothing of the street."

Ken Loach savages dramas like Downton Abbey, and the broadcasters who churn them out.

In the same interview with the Radio Times, he also had harsh words for the BBC's news coverage, describing it as "manipulative and deeply political". I guess Auntie can take some comfort in the knowledge that being attacked by someone on the left of the political spectrum as well as those on the right suggests she might actually be getting the balance right.

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